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Body Analyzing Scale

Can be used for both weight measurement or BMI for ages over 18 years. Comes with smart auto power off to save battery life. Has memory to store for ten different users.

$29.90 | Free S&H

6-Pack Massage Roller

Designed for back and spine stretching and mobilizing routines to help relieve back pain. It massages and provides comfort to your back and spine as you exercise.

$49.90 | Free S&H

Power Rods + Resistance Bands

Maximize your results by adding the Resistance Bands and Power Rods with its triple progressive resistance options: light, medium & advanced.

$49.90 | Free S&H

Rosalie Brown Workout DVDs (3pcs)

Three new full-length workouts: Cardio Pro to get your heart pumping, Chair Pilates/Yoga for improving balance and focusing energy, and 5 Minute Fitness Breaks for quick workouts.

$49.90 | Free S&H